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1. What Jigsaw mat density? Jigsaw mats come in various densities. Density is measured by the amount of product (EVA or XPE) that can be packed into 1m squared (cubic meter or cbm). Examples are 80kg/cbm is a low density and light mat compared to 120kg/cbm high density mats that can absorb a lot of impact. High density mats are harder, absorb more impact and are heavier.

2. How should I clean my Jigsaw mats? Clean jigsaw mats with soapy water. Some recommend sugar soap. Under no circumstances should you use chemicals, chemicals will react with the mats.

3. Any other tips for use of my Jigsaw mats? Keep sharp objects away from your EVA mats, they will get damaged by martial arts weapons, high heels or chair legs for example. If using footwear ensure soft soled indoor only shoes (stones etc can get caught into grips).

4. Will my old jigsaw mats fit yours? Every manufacturer makes their individual teeth for their mats, some are very similar but often offset. Its not always possible to tell from a photograph. In this case arrange for a visit to our warehouse.

5. What size van will I need to collect my mats? Mats come with edge strips, they are 103 x 103 x thickness with edging strips. Ensure to measure all entry points and especially between wheel arches before setting out.

6. Can I mix colours of jigsaw mats? Yes our teeth are all the same.